Stop Animal Cruelty in Downtown LA 2011-2015

Help Leia Cope With Eye Loss

Leia lost an eye due to deplorable breeding conditions
Leia, rescued as an unweaned bunny from Santee Alley bunny breeders, lost her right eye due to an infection which began as a small abscess caused by Pasteurella, which Leia would have contracted at birth from a sick mom/breeder bunny and unsanitary conditions.  We are now facing an $850 vet bill for trying to treat the cause of infection, trying to save the eye, and then eventually having to have the eye removed.  Please donate to help us pay for Leia's medical attention. 


According to, Jaime, Leia's Foster Mom, the infection first became visible as a small bloodshot mark under her cornea in her right eye. She treated her with antinflammatory eye drops because it looked like just an irritation. After seeing no improvement and noticing the small area growing a bit, we took her to the vet.

Because the illegal animal vendors in downtown LA Fashion District & Santee Alley took Leia prematurely from her mom and deprived her of her mom's milk, her immune system was never fully developed. She wasn't able to keep her Pasteurella levels in check due to her compromised immune system, hence Pasteurella colonized in her eye and formed an abscess. Jaime immediately began giving her oral antibiotics and weekly antibiotic/antinflammitory injections. The Pasteurellla and her immune system were both still at work in her eye destroying tissue though. The vet treated the main cause, but the abscess kept growing until it completely blinded her in her right eye. The abscess caused a build-up of fluids in her eye and pressure kept increasing to unbearable levels. The damage done to her eye by the abscess was extensive and the pressure was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. If her eye remained in her head much longer it would have ruptured due to the pressure of the abscess, leaving her at risk of many more bacterial infections that could easily spread. After trying to save her eye with medical treatment, it became clear that her pain had to be alleviated and we had to eliminate the risk that the abscess was presenting to her health. We went through with eye Enucleation surgery, and Leia is home now taking antibiotics and healing.

Since the surgery her mood has lifted dramatically. She no longer huddles in a corner miserable and in pain. Now she is comfortable and loves being held. She now plays, hops, eats and cuddles like any other bunny, just with a permanent wink. 

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