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Please Help Scooter Live!

After Scooter was rescued from a backyard breeder, we discovered his spine was fractured. We need your donations today to help pay for his medical expenses!

Scooter is one of the few bunnies that made it out from that dreadful breeder case; unfortunately, Scooter has suffered a fractured spine and now a fractured paw (pictured here). After multiple exams from the exotic vet, it is concluded that a likely cause to Scooter's multiple fractures with minimal impact is a result of poor bone quality-- from a diet lacking calcium. Scooter is a little fighter! He now knows what it feels like to be loved, to taste veggies, to be pet, and live in safety. Although Scooter will not be granted with the ability to run freely and binky to his heart's desire-- he wants to continue to live!

PLEASE HELP SCOOTER LIVE! He needs multiple vet exams and has a long rehabilitative course ahead of him. In order to continue his care, we need to pay the outstanding bills from Scooter that we have incurred. In order to move forward we need your help! Can you make a donation today?

To help Scooter live, we ask for your generous donations to the following:

1. For donations less than $100, please call Exotic Animal Care Center (626) 405-1777 and donate towards Scooter and other Special Needs Bunnies on behalf of Bunny World Foundation.

We need $1,500 to pay our Vet bill by Friday, May 2nd.

May 5th Update: Our bill has been REDUCED to $1,100.  Thank you. If you have not donated, we hope that you find it in your heart to donate towards Scooter and the fosters at BWF.

May 9th Update:  Our bill has been REDUCED TO $800.00.  Still a little longer to go, and we are DONE! :))

May 30th: Our Exotic Animal Care Center Vet Bill is PAID OFF. Thank you so much! ;))

2. For donations greater than $100, call Northwood Animal Hospital at (949) 559-1992 and donate on behalf of Bunny World Foundation to Scooter and other Special Need Bunnies and Spay/Neuter fund.

We need $2,000 to pay our Vet bill by Wednesday, April 30th.

May 5th Update: Our past vet bill was PAID OFF.  THANK YOU!  We ask that you keep Scooter in your thoughts and send him well wishes as he will be undergoing surgery TODAY for his paw. Scooter has been on pain medication around the clock and we are hoping the surgery TODAY will provide long term relief.  Scooter is not out of the woods yet! The estimate for today's surgery is $1,250 - $2,700. We will know at the end of the day.

May 9th Update:  The surgery ended up costing only $1,500.  We now owe ONLY $1,200.  The next exam is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th when the cast is supposed to be removed and new X-rays taken. 

May 3Oth Update: On Wednesday, Scooter had his cast removed!  However, the pin is still in.  The surgery to remove the pin will take place in a month.  We have 2 sets of x-rays taken, and Scooter was hospitalized for two days.  We are reseraching the set of wheels for Scooter.  This will be the focus once the surgery to remove the pin has been completed and his use of front paws is fully established.   As of this morning, the balance is $1543.82.

May 31st: Our Northwood Animal Hospital Bill is PAID OFF!  Thank you so much! ;))

Scooter is scheduled for a Pin Removal Surgery end of June.  At that point, we will let you know what is needed for Stage 2 and Stage 3 (set of wheels!)

3. If you want to donate to BWF directly, you can donate via PayPal at

or via Givezooks at
  Any amount is appreciated, thank you!

Again thank you to everyone who donated that made this possible. It is people like you that truly make a difference in this world. We hope that the good deeds done onto Scooter and all the fosters at BWF will double in value somehow in your lives.


Your friends at BWF

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