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Minerva Needs Miracle Donors

Minerva Needs A Miracle – Will you please help?

Bunny World Foundation is faced with a huge medical bill for our recent rescue, Minerva, and we’re hoping you will find it in your heart to donate towards her fundraising goal! Your help is needed more than ever.
Minerva was rescued from Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) where she contracted an infection that had caused her to develop an abdominal abscess around her spay surgery. Upon BWF’s presentation of Minerva to a veterinarian she was found to have bilateral ear infections, ocular (eye) discharge, a fever, mass in her left shoulder area, and a severely infected/abscessed area all around her abdominal incision from a spay surgery.
Minerva was placed under anesthesia on July 24th and the mass from her left shoulder area was removed which fortunately turned out to be noncancerous. Minerva also required surgical excision of the life-threatening abdominal abscess. The abdominal infection was so deep it extended through the body wall.

Minerva's condition was quite critical post-op and a very guarded prognosis was given. As of now, she is doing better, her temperature remains normal and she is starting to eat a small amount, but she will still require a few more days of hospitalization, with appropriate fluids, antibiotics, hot-packing and wound management, etc. before she can safely be released for further at-home care with Bunny World Foundation.

These are pre surgery No. 1 photos of the abscess area, July 23, 2014:


Dr. Gayle Roberts: "Minerva is a little sweetheart and such a brave patient.  If we can get her through this, she should be completely adoptable.  I would not anticipate future problems (but we will have to mnitor those ears to make sure they clear up as well).  Hope this helps to get her a sponsor or 10, or maybe even a future forever home."
Pre surgery No. 2 photos of the abscess area, August 6, 2014:


Dr. Gayle Roberts: "Well our little girl came through her surgery. So far, so good. It was VERY long--anesthesia time 175 minutes, surgery time 142 minutes-YIKES! I debrided/removed all of the infected-looking tissue I could and lasered the discolored-looking tissue I couldn't remove. Got her all back together, closing almost all of the dead space, so no drains. No skin sutures-just glue. (Plenty of dissolving sutures under the surface.) I used the therapy laser on her post-op on a contaminated wound-healing setting to help her heal faster and provide some antibacterial activity. She is still a little bit cold, but up and around. I think she may even have nibbled a little bit.  
      If she doesn't recuperate and heal now, there is not much more we can do for her. If her temperature is okay tomorrow and she's eating and pooping a little, we can send her home, but we'll be cautious there. Don't want to send her too early. Hope she does okay. Everyone here has surely poured their heart into her. She's such a sweetie!"

Post surgery photos of the abscess area on August 7, 2014: 


Dr. Gayle Roberts: "Minerva is doing very well today. She is a tough little girl. Attached photos of her sitting, eating, and showing off her new, more beautiful underside. Tomorrow sounds good if she keeps making progress. That way we can laser her again today and tomorrow."

Minerva's has been under veterinarian care since July 24th and her medical bills and boarding fees are rising. We now are faced with a total of $7,000 in medical expenses. We’re reaching out to our community to help raise funds to pay these medical costs – Minerva needs a miracle!  Minerva needs your help! Together we can get this bunny on the road to recovery and a forever home. Please find it in your heart to donate NOW - anything helps! 
DIRECT DONATIONS: ANY $$, no donation is too small - you can make a donation by clicking the Givezooks "Donate" link above or via PayPal at

VET DONATIONS: Northwood Animal Hospital (949) 559-1992 They accept $100+ ONLY.
Thank you in advance for helping and sharing this plea!

UPDATE: September 19, 2014
Dr. Gayle Roberts: ”They [photos] depict the procedure we do with Minerva once daily when we remove enough of her staples to get out the packing from the previous day, then swab and flush out the pocket with chlorhexidine solution, then pack the wound with Betadine Ointment, then replace the packing with fresh betadine-soaked umbilical tape, then re-staple her skin. (Then we feed her her dinner.) She's such a good girl. The infected pocket is mostly in her left groin area but still extends a little bit across the midline into her right groin and down the inside of her left thigh to her knee."

Plesea see the photos depicting the process below.

UPDATE:  October 15, 2014
Minerva has finally left the hospital.  Under the vet supervision, she's moved to a loving foster home chez Lilian.  She will be brought to the vet twice a week for a procedure that used to take place every day.  We are making progress here!  She's a brave little girl and deserves the very best! :))

UPDATE: November 3, 2014
Unfortunately a new lump (abscess) forming near umbilical cord has appeared out of nowhere. Minerva has lost quite a bit of weight and was rushed to the vet. Dr. Roberts recommended that she stays at the hospital to rehabilitate before this new surgery to remove the lump, and possibly close old incission.  Minerva is hospitalized until November 9th.

UPDATE: November 9, 2014
Minerva leaves to a new foster home to continue the treatment. The incision looks great, however she's still not ready to have yet another surgery until she gains weight. She's undergoing a the best possible care at the experienced foster who has rehabilitated many special needs bunnies.  She's on the meds prescribed by Dr. Roberts, as well as a hollistic treatment to boost her immune system.  Things are looking up.

UPDATE: November 17, 2014
The infection has spread to Minerva's joints.  She can barely walk.  She's been diagnosed with Septic Arthritis wiht a grim prognosis.  We are crushed.


UPDATE: November 20, 2014
Minerva goes to her last surgery to try to drain abscess from her joints.  She decides not to wake up after anasthesia. 
Minerva's heartfelt story is featured on Facebook --- please get some tissues before you read it and THANK YOU for being part of this VERY difficult yet loving journey.

We have covered $7,400.00 of the incurred $12,700 Vet bill.  We still owe $5300.  Will you please help us pay it.  We need to clear the balance before we can rescue more bunnies.

ANY $$, no donation is too small - you can make a donation by clicking the Givezooks "Donate" link above or
via PayPal at

VET DONATIONS: Northwood Animal Hospital (949) 559-1992 They accept $100+ ONLY.

Thank you!


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Disclosure: We are a bunny rescue organization that is 100% volunteer-run. Our policy is "no bunny gets left behind" and "every bunny deserves a chance." Thank you in advance.

This is Minerva at East Valley Shelter (LAAS) before rescued by BWF.








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