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Lady Gray Needs Surgery

Donations directly to the Vet

URGENT:  Lady Gray Needs Surgery/Vet Donations

Lady Gray, our 1-year old Santee Alley Rescue, suffered  a severe compound fracture while at her foster home and was rushed to  Northwood Animal Hospital (NAH) for an immediate surgery.  Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Lady Gray was not treated in a timely manner by a rabbit savvy vet and by the time she was transferred to NAH, the fracture got worse.  Even with the 30% rescue discount, the current vet bill is $1,500 and with the meds and post exams, we are looking at $2,000 to cover the following:   
  • Exam
  • Radiographs, 2 views
  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiac Monitoring Surgery
  • Surgery Fracture Repair
  • Surgical Packand & Disposables
  • Surgical Implants
  • Radiology – Recheck Films
  • Injection
  • Hospitalization for 5 days
  • Meds
  • Post Care
   If you can help, please call Northwood Animal Hospital directly at (949) 559-1992 and make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation. If you prefer you can make an ON-LINE DONATION via PayPal or via Givezooks at:

Lady Gray is going to stay at NAH until she is stable and until the bill is paid.  Please share this post and remember:  No Donation is Too Small. ;))
Thank you so much!

 ~Lady Gray BWF Rescue Team

Lady Gray Pre-Op X-ray


Lady Post-Op X-rays



Bunny World Foundation (BWF) is an ALL-VOLUNTEER, NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 animal welfare organization with 150 volunteers/fosters working around the clock to save lives of Santee Alley (LA Fashion District) babies. Our volunteers are funding the care of their own fosters, providing supplies, and often paying for the surgeries and medical bills. BWF has no paid staff, and lacks the resources to organize events, fundraise, and file grant applications.  With our limited resources we are doing our very best to help the little ones. But our VET BILLS are piling up and we need your help TODAY!    

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