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Help Juliet Get Her Romeo Back

Will you donate today towards Romeo's medical treatment?

Romeo came to us with GI Stasis, Pneumonia and Head Tilt in December 2010. Since then, he has made numerous visits to the vet, we have had x-rays taken, he was given a full regimen of antibiotics including durapen, panacure, zithro, baytril, eye ointment, plus meclizine and valium and our bills are mounting $1,200.


This photo is a mirror image of Romeo to show you his "head tilt" condition.   

We have been blessed with an amazing foster Dad (Gordon L.) who has been caring for Romeo since January 2011. He has worked closely with Dr. Kanfer to eliminate every possible cause.   Dr. Kanfer thinks his left eardrum has a slight perforation, but was unable to get a scope deep enough for a good look.  This will require sedation, but at the moment there is no sign of infection.

For now, because of his head tilt condition the treatment plan is to try and stop him from spinning.  His foster Dad is working with him and doing physical therapy so that he can learn to trust his feet again and not his eyes which are sending his brain conflicting signals.  He continues to do his stretching and walking exercises every day and he is on an ever changing regimen of medications and treatments.

His foster Dad is trying to keep him and his love Juliet bonded, but Juliet is afraid when Romeo spins.   Here is a glimpse of Romeo on a good day...reaching out for his bananna treat, and resting in the Foster Mom's arms after a fun day.

Will you donate today towards his medical treatment so Juliet can get her Romeo back?



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