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2016 Emergency Medical Fund

Medical Emergencies, Spay/Neuter Surgeries, X-rays, Exams, Amputations, Abscess Treatments, Molar Trims, Medication, etc.
Dear BWF Friend,

2015 has been yet another bittersweet year at BWF. We have exceeded internal expectations, witnessed miracles, celebrated successes and experienced some heartache along the way to a very successful year of rescues and rabbit advocacy. BWF takes this opportunity to give sincere thanks and gratitude to all who have touched BWF in a positive way and lent a helping hand. Thank you! heart 

BWF is proud to celebrate the SEVEN and a half year voyage which begun with the fiercest struggle to bring to light illegal animal sales in the LA Fashion District.  Since June 2008 BWF has rescued over 6,000 rabbits in the City of LA, ranging from un-weaned baby bunnies from Santee Alley to adult bunnies from the over-inundated city shelters.  In the past year alone, BWF took in over 300 “Red” and “Blue” rabbits from the SIX City Shelters.  In addition, BWF housed, provided medical care, promoted, and found permanent and loving homes for more than 500 spayed and neutered rabbits.   

BWF continues to be one of the strongest advocates for domestic rabbits and a powerful influence in the Los Angeles area. Our Board Members, Volunteers, Fosters, Transporters have gone above and beyond the call of duty for yet another year to ensure the delivery of many babies to safe, loving, ‘furever’ homes! Once again, we have proven CBS right for including BWF in their 5 top choices of “Best Volunteer Opportunities For Animal Lovers in Los Angeles.” 

Emergency Medical Fund - 2016
This message is also an opportunity for you to give a voice to the voiceless through a generous donation that will continue to fuel many more milestones similar to those summarized in this message. The challenges we faced in 2015 will continue in 2016, so we ask you to please remember BWF in your holiday gift plans. Your year-end tax-deductible donation via Givezooks or PayPal will make a positive difference as we head into the New Year.  

Please make your year-end donation to BWF today. Bunnies need you!

To donate to our vet directly, please call Northwood Animal Hospital at (949) 559-1992 and make a donation towards our "$10,000 Emergency Medical Fund" ($100+ donations only). Or, you can contact Exotic Animal Care Center  or  All Pets Medical Center and help with our outstanding balance. Thank you so much!

Miracles and Milestones - 2015
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a) The March to 'Close All Slaughterhouses' b) BWF Volunteers after trapping bunnies that were causing havoc in Sherman Oaks and after negotiating the release of 7 Flemish Giants on their way to slaughterhouse. Link to ABC News Story.

What’s Next on the BWF Agenda in 2016?  
Through stern criticism of failed efforts of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), multiple trips to City Hall, attendance of the LA City Commission Meetings, and even protests, BWF brought about an evolution to LAAS collaborating with BWF on BWF’s efforts to push for legislation and policies for rabbits to be treated equal to cats and dogs within Los Angeles Animal Services (“LAAS”) and the community. Some progress has been made, but we are far from being done. 

Our focus on “Equity & Equality for Rabbits” will continue.   Our demand from the City Officials and LAAS for rabbits to be protected under the law and granted the same rights as cats and dogs will continue. The City of LA must stop rabbit overpopulation by regulating commercial and backyard rabbit breeders and by enforcing spay/neuter laws. 

Please DONATE NOW and help BWF win this crucial fight!

We are grateful for your support and we wish you and your loved ones a Wonderful New Year! 
Lejla Hadzimuratovic
President and Founder

BWF Mission & HistoryBunny World Foundation (BWF) is an ALL-Volunteer, non-profit 501(c) 3 animal welfare organization founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Set up to promote (Shelter) Equity and Equality for Rabbits, BWF’s mission is to combat animal cruelty, illegal animal sales, exploitation and neglect of all animals, through rescue efforts, public education, investigations, legislation, special events, and media attention.
BWF works to reduce rabbit overpopulation and to establish rabbits as companion animals that deserve the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as cats and dogs that live as human companions.   BWF manages a complex Foster & Adoption Program that requires constant strengthening and expansion to accommodate new rescues and provide for their intensive care, medication, supplies, and spay/neuter funds. BWF has 300 volunteers/fosters and rescues 500-700 abandoned and abused domestic rabbits a year.  In 2014, BWF was featured by CBS as one of the "Five Best Volunteer Opportunities for Animal Lovers in Los Angeles.”
Santee Alley, LA Fashion District, was the city's number one haven for illegal animal sales where underaged rabbits, kittens, salmonella infected turtles, parvo-infected puppies, and exotic birds were sold illegally on a daily basis. Animals were kept in filthy conditions in the glaring sun with no food or water, and many were sick or dying when sold.  These activities clearly violated City codes and other statutes as well.  BWF worked tediously on advocacy efforts to urge the city officials and councilmembers to enforce laws prohibiting illegal sales of animals; to better protect the health and welfare of animals and humans that are victimized by such sales; and, where necessary and appropriate, propose new legislation and ordinances in support of these efforts.
Prior Achievements:  BWF track record of effectiveness has led to meaningful victories for animals in city legislatures. BWF successfully combatted illegal animal traffickers in Santee Alley by collaborating with the City Attorney’s Office, and by aiding in the arrest of notorious ring leaders behind this crime. BWF volunteers followed the traffickers, and provided LAPD with the evidence of their offenses. As a result, the bail amount increased from the mere $25 to $26,000, the infamous ring leader of illegal animal traffickers, Juan Mena, got arrested and the People vs Juan Mena and Norma Pluma trial began. In December 2013, the traffickers were found GUILTY by the Jury and were sentenced to jail. This marked the beginning of the end of the ongoing practice of animal abuse, cruelty and disregard for the animal protection laws in Santee Alley, LA Fashion District.  BWF received the recognition by The County of LA (Michael D. Antonovich), The California State Assembly (Cameron M. Smyth), and The City of Santa Clarita (Frank Ferry, Mayor).
In 2013, BWF was instrumental in pushing the LA City Council to adopt an ordinance banning pet stores from selling rabbits from commercial breeders and limiting pet stores to selling animals obtained from shelters, humane societies and registered rescue groups.  BWF formed “Bunnies for Puppies & Kitties” division that, through a collaborative effort with other solely cat/dog rescues, saved lives of over 500 dogs/cats from high-kill LA County & City shelters.
BWF was featured multiple times in LA Times, Huffington Post, LA Business Journal, KABC News, and NBC’s EIGHT-piece Investigation by Ana Garcia Team. BWF voice was heard on KSWD/100.3FM The Sound, 89.3 KPCC, and 102.7 KIIS FM/570 KLAC AM/98.7 KYSR FM. Santee Alley Baby Bunnies *WON* the Genesis Award at the Humane Society of the United States and the Emmy Award at the 65th LA Area Emmy Awards Nominations & Winners. In 2014, BWF was featured by CBS as one of the FIVE "Best Volunteer Opportunities for Animal Lovers in Los Angeles" and made it into LA Times (April 2015).
In 2014, BWF conducted several undercover investigations of illegal rabbit breeding operations in the City of LA that resulted in the discussion with the City Officials to bring about “(Shelter) Equity and Rabbit Equality”.   At the time many of the city ordinances, particularly those governing breeders, did not apply to the breeding or keeping of rabbits.  BWF presented various rabbit breeding cases before the LAAS Board of Commissioners and educated the public officials about much needed regulations and legislative changes in regards to keeping rabbits as pets. BWF requested the amendment of the existing city ordinances that protect cats and dogs, by addition/inclusion of the rabbits as beneficiaries to those laws. BWF persistence paid off in multiple ways, but we're NOT done yet!
In the Next Newsletter, please watch for the official city records/excerpts of the BWF’s recent efforts to push for legislation and policies for rabbits to be treated equal to cats and dogs within Los Angeles Animal Services (“LAAS”) and the community.  

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