Bunny World Foundation Plea For Help (2009-2010)

In Memoriam

After much medical effort sadly this bunny passed away on December 4, 2009

Black & White Baby Bunny  Rescued at 7 days old  on November 20, 2009  passed away December 4, 2009.  

This baby bunny was received by us on November 20, 2009.  At the time she was unweaned, approximately two weeks old and appeared to be bitten by another large rabbit. Her eye was abnormal and she appeared blind.

After taking her to the vet we discovered she had two abscesses: one on the stomach and one on her leg.  We were given a loan of $200 to pay for radiographs, and are left to pay a bill of $600 for  X-rays and radiology, exam, and puss extraction, antibiotics, and treatment.  

Will you please help donate to the memory of this black and white angel?


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