Bunny World Foundation Plea For Help (2009-2010)

Can YOU say no to this face?

Rescued bunny saved from the brink of death

This Lucky Bunny was rescued from a Los Angeles shelter by one of our volunteers.  A family saw how special she was and wanted to adopt her right away - even before she got out of the shelter!  

Everything was going smoothly until she went in for her spay surgery.  Only a few hours after coming home from the surgery she started to have seizures 
and was 
taken right away to a veterinary clinic.   

It was unknown if she would make it to the morning. She had multiple seizures, shallow breathing, a temperature and was lethargic. 
Due to the life-saving veterinary care, and to our happy surprise, she did make it to morning and made a full recovery! 
She was placed with the loving family and is doing fine!

The adoptive family contributed what they could for the medical bills - even more than what was originally asked for in the adoption fees.  However, it still leaves a large veterinary bill.
But could YOU  say no to that face?
Would you please consider making a donation to help defray the costs of her life-saving veterinary care?  

Remember if only a few people donate $10 - $50 towards these costs, it
would help us to be able to give more bunnies like this a second chance!
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