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Established on August 22, 2008, Bunny World Foundation Inc. (BWF) is a NON-PROFIT 501(c) 3 animal welfare organization based in Los Angeles dedicated to combatting animal cruelty, illegal animal sales, exploitation and neglect of all animals, through rescue efforts, public education, research, investigations, legislation, special events, and media attention.

BWF's raison d'etre has been and continue to be illegal animal sales at Santee Alley, LA Fashion District, the city's number one haven for illegal animal sales where underaged rabbits, kittens, salmonella infected turtles, parvo-infected puppies, and exotic birds are sold illegally on a daily basis.

BWF rescues abandoned domestic baby rabbits, provides them with medical care, finds permanent homes for them and educates the public about their care. BWF works to reduce rabbit overpopulation and abandonment, and to establish rabbits as companion animals that deserve the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as cats and dogs that live as human companions.

Our “Bunnies for Puppies & Kitties” division saves lives from high-kill LA County and City shelters through collaborative efforts with other rescue partners.



Since its inception, June 16, 2008, BWF has rescued almost 3000 unweaned baby bunnies from Santee Alley Los Angeles Fashion District. In 2010 we perfected the "Un-weaned Baby Bunny Protocol" where the survival rate reached 99%.

BWF representatives have spoken before the City Council at the LA City Hall continuously and persistently, requesting that the issue of the illegal animal sales in the LA Fashion District and Santee Alley be put on the agenda. The City Council's Public Safety Committee approved the concept of an ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor for consumers to purchase the animals off the street. Finally, Ordinance No. 181851 was passed at the City Council meeting on August 10, 2011 adding a prohibition on the purchase of animals on public streets and sidewalks to the existing prohibition on the sale of animals in the City of Los Angeles. In July 2012, the recent posting of signage in the Fashion District and at Venice Beach signals intensified enforcement of City laws against illegal animal sales and the new law against purchasing animals in public places. The heightened enforcement is part of the City’s ongoing strategy to fight animal cruelty and piracy in all its forms. Our track record of effectiveness has led to meaningful victories for animals in city legislatures.
However, illegal sale / purchase of animals in Santee Alley & Los Angeles Fashion District against city and state ordinances continue. For more info about Ordinance No. 181851 & SB 917 (LIEU), please visit http://www.bunnyworldfoundation.org/email-jan-perry/ and send a letter to those who have the power to enforce the very ordinances that they established
BWF has also worked alongside PETA, Humane Society, and Born Free to put an end to the use of Avitrol to poison birds. Specifically, we have captured and recorded the immense suffering of birds caused by the ingestion of Avitrol. These videos were posted on YouTube and went viral, increasing awareness and public disapproval of the danger and cruelty of the use of this chemical. Avitrol Corporation closed its doors on October 31st, 2010 which is a significant victory for birds and other animals. However, the fight is not over. Avitrol kills approximately 200 million birds per year! We are still working towards getting Avitrol banned in Los Angeles just as it is banned in London, New York, and San Francisco.
In 2011, Bunny World Foundation has formed “Bunnies for Puppies & Kitties” division that through collaborative efforts with other solely cat/dog rescues has saved lives of almost 500 dogs/cats from high-kill LA County & City shelters.



Since domestic rabbits are not the product of natural selection, but rather of human interference by means of breeding programs, and the product is a human-dependent animal that needs protection, it is therefore a human responsibility that these animals be cared for in a manner appropriate to their needs. BWF offers education and adoption for domestic baby rabbits and the humans who love them.

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BWF has appeared in various magazines and newspaper articles and on television news exposés. We were featured in LA Times, KABC-TV Eyewitness News and on KTLA News. In August 2011, our voice was heard on CBS, NBC, UTB, and we were featured in LA Times again! In 2012, we were featured twice on NBC and various magazines and newspapers.

Our documentary "The Deadly Secret of Santee Alley" is under way with the collaborative effort of USC Cinema & TV School volunteer filmmakers. In 2011, our documentary was a finalist at MY HERO Int'l Film Festival in the Independent Features in Development Category.

GENESIS AWARDS 2013 as reported by Los Angeles Times

Santee Alley Baby Bunnies *WON* the Genesis Award at the Humane Society of the United States! Thank you Ana Garcia and Robbi Peele at NBC LA for re-establishing our fate in Investigative Journalism. For those who have missed the EIGHT piece investigation by Ana Garcia Team, please visit NBC LA Investigations and watch the illegal animal traffickers in action.



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